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Sole Searching puts an end to the infinite search for beautiful shoes in large sizes!

Need those everyday flat shoes in a size 14? No problem. Want something that's fresh and fun in a size 12? You got it. Can't find evening shoes in a big size? Search no more!

We believe that every woman should own beautiful shoes regardless of her shoes size, so we've created an amazing range of gorgeous footwear in large sizes. 
My Story

At The Factory

Like most women, I have an obsession with beautiful shoes. Starting from a young age, I found myself either admiring the shoes displayed in shop windows or browsing through fashion magazines lusting over the latest designs. Flats, heels, boots, sandals, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes, whatever the design, I desired them. 

Shoe shopping in my teens was always fun. At the time, being a size 10 wasn't so bad. There was always a decent enough selection of shoes in my size and whenever I had an occasion that required a new shoe purchase, I almost always found what I was looking for. Until suddenly one day... my size 10 shoes no longer fit! It felt as if it was one day to the next that my feet had grown from size 10 to size 11. 

I was in denial for a few years, still squeezing my feet into a size 10  because size 11 shoes back then was virtually unheard of! Doing this though had its implications. Not only was it extremely painful, it had caused some serious damage to my feet. So when I embarked on my search for stylish size 11 shoes, that's when the emotional turmoil started. There was not a single shoe store in town that had fashionable size 11 shoes. There were only a few stores in Sydney at the time that had my size, but sadly they looked no better than my old lace ups from primary school. Shoe shopping was no longer something I enjoyed; instead it became a depressing burden. 
I knew I wasn't alone. Surely I couldn't be the only woman in Australia that had size 11 feet! I had to do something about it! Armed with a desire to rescue my shoe obsession and inspired by my ongoing frustrations of finding fashionable shoes to fit, the Sole Searching journey began. 

After months of travelling back and forth overseas to find the right manufacturer, I finally found the one who would help make my dream shoe business a reality. The first collection of handmade leather footwear was ready and Sole Searching launched its online website in November 2008. Each stylish pair which carry the brand Jacqueline.D, has been delicately hand crafted to the highest quality, ensuring comfort for the larger foot. 

The unique purpose of Sole Searching Footwear is to produce high quality fashionable large size shoes, empowering you to feel beautiful regardless of your shoe size.
Whether you’re in need of stiletto heels, winter boots or comfy flats in a size 10 and up, finally your search is over! 

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Founder & Designer


The Sole Searching Promise
Style, quality & comfort are not about size. When it comes to shoes, anyone with larger feet can tell you how upsetting it is when searching for shoes to fit that are not only fashionable but high quality. The frustrating fact is that most women's shoes are cut no larger than size 10 and under, which means thousands of women are virtually ignored by the shoe industry.

No one understands this better than Sole Searching Footwear, an online store dedicated to providing fashionable, high quality shoes in large sizes. 

Style. We strive to ensure our designs are fashionable, unique and complimenting to the larger foot. 

Quality. Our shoes are handmade using only the highest quality leathers and components, allowing for durability. 
Comfort. Our shoes are designed with comfort in mind to ensure the best possible support for your feet.
Step in Confidence! We know women want shoes that look great and feel just as good. At Sole Searching by Jacqueline.D, we will have you walking with your head up high and best foot forward, regardless of your shoe size.


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