Shoe Storage & Organisation Tips

Shoe Storage & Organisation Tips

Make room for more shoes and wear all of the existing ones you have!

We've all been there: Sole Searching for a specific pair of shoes to go with the day's outfit only to find that they're missing in action! And by MIA I mean hidden behind tons of other shoes in the cupboard, shoved in a corner, or pushed deep under the bed. The struggle is definitely real, especially in our larger sizes! 



What's the point of having pairs and pairs of gorgeous footwear when you can't find them? Even worse, what are the chances you'll remember owning the shoes if you don't see them neatly organised in the closet? With a few simple changes you'll be able to quickly scan all the shoes you own and find the right pair for the day's adventure. Even better, you'll have more room for new pairs! Check out our four organising tips below: 

Sole Searching Footwear - Shoe Rack 1.  Stacked Shoe Racks

Space. We all need more space, but sadly space doesn't just manifest itself out of nowhere - or does it? Think up! Typically there is  1-2 ft between where the cupboard floor and the bottom of your hanging clothes meet; utilise this space, all of it!


Tip: To get double or triple the floor space, buy stackable shoe racks to create 2 -3 extra rows of storage. This could mean the difference of storing 10 pairs of shoes vs 30 pairs. Shoe closet game changer! 


If your closet is deep don't forget to take advantage of the depth - line up racks 2 deep to create extra big shelves.

A few of our favorite stackable shoe racks: 
TJUSIG Shoe Rack - from IKEA
Stackable Shoe Rack in Chrome - Freedom Furniture
Extendable Shoe Rack - Kmart 






2.  Organise by Season & Wear-ability

If you live in a city that has extreme seasons take a minute to analyse your shoe organisation. Are the sandals front and center even though its -10 degrees outside? Are your Uggs blocking everyday work heels?


Easy fix: at the beginning of every season take an inventory of your shoes and swap out styles that won't see the light of day for another 90-180 days. This could mean placing boots in a storage box under the bed or throwing sandals in a bin hidden in the garage. Also be sure to put your everyday styles where they are easily accessible. Implementing both fixes will make shoes choices a lot more focused and mornings a lot easier.




3.  Purge

Two words: closet cleanout. No matter how hard it may be to get rid of your 1990s boots, it's time. Consistently purging and donating shoes (and clothes) is the best way to keep closets organised. 

Besides, the more room you have is an excuse to buy more new shoes!! 

Tip: answer the question "when was the last time I wore these?" If the answer is more then a year prior, it's time to move on. The only time this may not be the case if you're holding a pair of classic high quality boots / shoes that may be an investment style. 









4.  Save Space by Alternating

The easiest space-saving trick in the book: alternate the positioning of every shoe. What does this mean? Right shoe faces out and the left shoe faces back, condensing their over all surface area and allowing for more shoes in a row. This works especially well for high heels!


Implement all four of these tips and you'll have one organised shoe strategy! Who knows, maybe you'll even make room for a few more pairs!


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Jacqueline D
Jacqueline D


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