​Amazing Celebrity Shoe Closets

​Amazing Celebrity Shoe Closets

I LOVE admiring celebrity shoe closets. Isn't it funny how that's actually a thing now? A wardrobe, closet or room setup specifically for shoes? Celebrities have made having one feel almost normal. I said almost.
The closets seem to keep getting more and more extravagant and I'd bet the pressure to outdo the other girls is intense! It's like a celebrity home staple now. I think it just proves that the relationship between a woman and her shoes is a powerful one. There's something truly special about just the right pair, or for these ladies, the right hundred or so pairs ;)
Here's a roundup of some pretty awesome shoe closets...
Joan Crawford
The QUEEN of shoes, Imelda Marcos has an entire shoe museum!
Adrienne Maloof
 Christina Aguilera
Khloe Kardashian
 Mariah Carey
Miley Cyrus 
 Nicky Hilton
 Paula Abdul
Jessica Alba 
Kimora Lee
 As for non celebrities, here are some other great shoe closets...

Now, just because we wear a larger shoe size, doesn't mean we can't have the fanciest shoe closet in town! 
Who's closet is your favorite??

Jacqueline D
Jacqueline D


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